Stand and rise, my child
You need not fear
Wherever you are
I am here

I am your comfort
I am your strength
So don’t be afraid if I bend you
If I stretch you at any length

Yes, love is soft
Love is kind
But it doesn’t mean I won’t confront you
Because chains we have to unbind

Love forgives
Love expects none in return
But that doesn’t mean there won’t be consequences
Because some things you need to learn

I will chase you and redeem you
But that’s not all there is to it
So when I mold your character
Hold on to me and do not quit

To build your foundation up
Break you and crush you, I first must
Because establishing deep down to the core
Means digging up dirt and dust

And through it all I will hold you
Everything is to redeem
You may not always feel it
But the truth is, we’re a team

I’ve seen your story
Before you were even born
You have an absolutely glorious future
Your past shouldn’t make you forlorn

So stand and rise, my child
Listen to my voice and hear
I do this to unleash you into your destiny
Take heart, it is bright and clear

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